Sell Your Jewellery and Banish Those Bad Valentine’s Memories for Good

Sell Your Jewellery and Banish Those Bad Valentine’s Memories for Good

Valentine’s Day, the most romantic date on the calendar, is right around the corner. What better time to show your loved ones how much you care about them? But unfortunately, not all relationships last forever and the big day can often bring back memories of previous years and failed relationships.

Jewellery is always a popular gift choice amongst loved-up couples. Whether you’re in a relationship and can’t wait to declare your love to your partner, see Valentine’s Day as a pointless occasion, or are just trying to survive the day as a singleton, it’s likely you have old jewellery that reminds you of the past.

Of course, you could just throw your old jewellery away. But, what if you could get rid and make some money at the same time?

Unwanted Gold Gathering Dust? Sell Your Jewellery

You’d be surprised how much old jewellery we all have lying around the house, attracting dust. We all keep jewellery we have no intention of wearing when it holds a sentimental value. But if all Valentine’s Day does is remind you of that bracelet your previous beau gifted you, it might be time to rifle through your drawers and banish those bad memories for good.

Unwanted valentine's Jewellery

Who Should You Sell Your Jewellery To?

If your old jewellery reminds you of your ex, the last thing you want to be doing is trudging through town to have it appraised and then haggling on price. With cash for gold companies, it really is as simple as sending your jewellery in a pre-paid envelope and forgetting about it. You’ll then receive a competitive quote and, after you accept it, your cash will be in your bank account in 24 hours!

Getting the Best Deal Selling Your Jewellery

Just because you want to sell your jewellery quickly and easily, doesn’t mean you should jump at a low quote to get it out of sight and mind. After sorting through our old V-Day finds, it’s worthwhile popping online to check out the daily price of gold and silver so that you know you’ll be getting a good deal.

Reputable companies that let you sell your jewellery will offer you a guaranteed competitive quote and have in-house experts who know the jewellery industry inside out. Whether you’re selling a hallmarked gold ring or your precious gemstones, dealing with a company you can trust will ensure you get the most cash from selling your jewellery.

After you’ve sent off your unwanted items, they’ll be appraised and you’ll receive a quote that reflects its value. If you don’t wear your jewellery precisely because it was given to you during a previous relationship, it’s likely to still be in great condition. Jewellery with a resale value will actually mean you’ll be given more money for it; just because it means nothing to you doesn’t mean another person won’t love it.

This will also mean you won’t just receive its scrap value. Removing painful memories + extra cash = a win win!

unwanted Valentine’s jewellery

What About Selling My Gold Online?

The internet has revolutionised the way we buy and sell goods. Online marketplaces such as eBay and Gumtree are now a great way of getting an extra bit of money from the things we no longer need or use. But when it comes to selling your jewellery, is it really the best option?

Online buy and sell platforms are extremely popular, meaning you’d think you have a solid base of interested people to sell to. While this may be true, with so many listings, it can be difficult to get your jewellery in front of the people who want it, meaning you could end up earning less money than you’d hoped. With listing and insurance costs (if you don’t want your jewellery to get lost in the post), you could end up earning significantly less than if you skipped the middle-man.

We all have partners that we look back on and think fondly of, but we also have relationships that we’d much rather forget. Whether you’re happily single or in a relationship with your new partner, finding old jewellery that reminds you of the past — especially with Valentine’s Day so close — can be an unpleasant (but totally avoidable) experience. Removing your negative memories by selling your jewellery is the best Valentine’s Day present you could give yourself — and you can earn a nice lump of cash, too.


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