Not-so-New Year’s Resolutions: Never Too Late to Make a Change

Not-so-New Year’s Resolutions: Never Too Late to Make a Change

We put a lot of focus on the New Year being the time to make a new start. It makes sense, but all too often it means that our resolutions taper off as the year progresses. And then you try again when January rolls around again. You can get stuck in a cycle of resolutions that you never manage to fulfil. But what if you forget about the New Year, and realise that you can make a change whenever you want? It’s not about the timing but about how motivated and determined you are to achieve your goal. If you want to make a change in the middle of the year, here’s how to stick at it.

Not-so-New Year's Resolutions: Never Too Late to Make a Change

Learn a New Skill

It doesn’t need to be January for you to decide to learn a new skill. You can pick something up at any time, and it’s one of the easiest things to keep going. If you want to learn a new skill just because, it should be something you enjoy. You can start off by taking a course or class, which can help you push past the frustration of something for the first time. It’s easy to find photography courses, language courses, sewing classes, and much more. Of course, you might be learning a new skill for your career. If you are, you should still pick something that interests you, so you want to learn.

Live Healthier

Many people decide to make healthy choices for their New Year’s resolutions. The problem is, they often end up being short-term measures. If you want to make long-term changes, don’t wait until January to start living more healthily. You can choose a date to start, but it should be soon, not months away. Don’t wait for everything to line up just the way you want it to. If you start a healthy new way of living whenever you want, instead of tying it to a particular time of year, you might find it easier to stick to. Make a change that’s going to last, not one that’s just a half-hearted attempt to start fresh at the beginning of a new year.

Not-so-New Year's Resolutions: Never Too Late to Make a Change

Meet New People

Some people decide that they want to meet new people and perhaps make new friends. Just like any other area of your life, you can get stuck in a rut when it comes to the people you hang out with. Although you love your friends, it’s always good to branch out and associate with people from a range of backgrounds and with lots of different interests. There’s one particularly good reason to do this in the middle of the year. If you join social groups at the beginning of the year, fellow resolutioners will soon start dropping away. But if you join later in the year, you know the new people you meet are more likely to stick around.

You don’t have to wait until a new year comes around to change your life. Do it now, and you could be more likely to achieve your goals.




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