4 Steps to Success as a New Pet Parent

4 Steps to Success as a New Pet Parent

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So you recently got yourself a new pet and now you are clueless about being a new pet parent. New pets are tough to look after, especially in the first few days and weeks of their arrival in their new homes.

Welcoming a pet into your family is a beautiful thing yet it is filled with so many hardships. So, read this article to get a clearer picture of how you can succeed as a new pet parent.


  1. Pet-Proofing your home:-

What does Pet-Proofing mean? It simply means to make your home safer for your new pet. Being a new pet, your cat or your dog is not accustomed to the nooks and corners of your house yet.

While exploring they may encounter something harmful. It’s your responsibility to remove anything that can prove to be harmful to the precious ones.

Remove belongings like toxic or sharp household objects from your pets reach. Secure drawers, shoe racks and cupboards. Electrical wires should be removed, especially. Try to keep your house as clean as possible and always keep the garbage cans clean. Pets always have their eyes on those garbage cans.

Keeping the windows and Venetian blinds closed to stop your new cat from escaping is a must. Securing nets over windows is a good option too.

Stop your dog from chewing furniture and carpets. Buy them enough soft toys to nibble with. Save the home decors and yourself from the deadly scratching of your cat. Get them a new scratching post, they will thank you for that. Also, be sure to cut their nails from time to time.


  1. Create a Pet-Friendly Schedule: –

Just like us, humans have a schedule fixed for eating, sleeping and exercising; our pets should have one too. Try to create a pet-friendly schedule for your pet from the very first day.

Potty training is very important. Make sure your pet doesn’t go littering around the entire house. Dogs should be taught to defecate in a specific corner of the house and cats should be taught to defecate in their litter boxes only. Always keep the litter box clean.

Scheduled meal timings are important. Your pets should know that asking for food between the meals is a big no. Stick to the basic breakfast-lunch-dinner meal schedule. Snacks can be given in between. Make sure your pet has a balanced diet and their bowls should be cleaned regularly.

To ensure your furry companion stays healthy and fit, it is essential to look for high-quality commercial food. It isn’t necessary that you opt for the most expensive options, you can even find nutritious pet food in affordable prices, so what’s important is to study the ingredients on the pack and buy one that doesn’t contain fillers or additives.

Stop your pet from falling into the obese category. Exercise is important. Dogs, especially, love to laze. They should be taken for a morning and evening walk to the nearest park daily. They love playing fetch and definitely go crazy behind the balls.


  1. Start the Training Early: –

You are the owner and they should follow your orders. While teaching your new pet to sit or jump, there is no need to yell or shout. The best way to train your pet is by being their leader. Puppies may bite and cats may scratch. It is your responsibility to teach them that this habit is wrong.

Pets may even suffer from separation anxiety.  Leaving your pet alone with their favourite soft toy can be a good way to tackle this. Any behavioural issues should be taken to the vet immediately.


  1. The VET is a must: –

Don’t be lazy to take your pet to the vet. Your best pal can become sick or face internal issues. The vet will be your best help. They will provide your pet with vaccines, special diets and neutering options.


Your pet has the ability to love you more than he/she loves himself, but you need to do the minimum they deserve. Make your pet your best friend, your best companion and cuddle partner by following this article and succeed as a great pet parent.


4 Steps to Success as a New Pet Parent


Author Bio: Willie Mays is a housewife, good mother, pet lover and a blogger. Auxier is her dog and Mimo is the name of her cat. She loves them very much. She has an aim to help other pet owners and that’s why she wrote about how to stop chronic diarrhoea in cats in her blog.






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