How Yoga Helps in Saving Money

How Yoga Helps in Saving Money

Yoga has been proven to have various health benefits. It helps settle us down when we feel stressed. It eases symptoms of depression and allows us to have better mental wellness. Yoga is even being used for addiction and the behavioural problems that go along with it. Many times people with clinical mental disorders will be more prone to addiction to all kinds of things. Shopping is considered a ‘dry’ addiction but it can nonetheless have disastrous consequences on our life.

Thankfully most of us are not losing our homes from too much spending. However, if you want to save money, you can still take advantage of the benefits yoga has to offer. If the aspects of yoga can help with complex mental and behavioural problems, it can surely help you save money. Yoga balances out the body, mind, and soul which can allow you to make better decisions when it comes to money. Here’s a breakdown of how yoga poses, breathing, and meditation can help you save money.


The Practice of Mindfulness and Money

Many of the yoga poses that were developed thousands of years ago were done so that you can meditate more easily. In poses like savasana, you are asked to find stillness within you. You have probably noticed that this is a hard practice to do because the mind tends to wander. This wandering mind is responsible for how you spend your money. It is the cause of walking out of a store with items you didn’t intend to buy.

When you master your mind through yoga, you can use it to your advantage when you go into your favourite store. You can bring yourself to a place of balance and really look at what you’re doing. This can help you spend less money because many of the things we purchase, especially high priced items, are emotional decisions. Maybe you feel sad or anxious and this can cause you to spend when you are actually looking to save. Mindfulness takes some time to hone. Doing yoga daily can help you during those real lifetimes when you need to look at things in a logical way.


You Don’t Make Emotional Purchases

To save, you will usually need to curb spending. Many times, we buy when we have something emotional going on. It’s easy for someone to sell us something when we don’t feel content in our lives. Yoga poses, the breathing, and the meditating help us to find that contentment. To see the deeper meaning of life and to realize that things don’t make you happy.

When you go to a yoga retreat, you will often receive the important lessons of the Yamas and Niyamas. These are the guidelines of living a good life for yourself and for others. One of these guidelines includes the lesson of non-clinging. We hold onto material objects because they define us or bring us instant gratification. It’s actually an evil cycle because nothing we buy will ever bring us the real happiness we are craving. The practice of yoga helps us to find true happiness. When you begin to look within, there is a lot less than you’ll need in life.


Specific Yoga Poses for Grounding and Contentment

There are poses that you have likely been doing in your practice. You may not have realized that they actually help ground you. Poses like Tadasana or Mountain Pose help you to stand firm in one spot for a few breaths. This is what you might want to consider the next time you’re going to buy something. What are you standing for? What do you need? Lunge poses effectively help ground you while Plank Pose gives you strength and also works on your lower chakras. These lower chakras help to ground you and allow you to sense your true inner purpose.

Of course, any breathing exercise is going to help relax you. Sometimes we purchase because we’re stressed. Anxiety has a way of taking our mind out of our body so we may lose the presence to walk away from something we don’t need. Being in alignment with your true purpose is important for all parts of your life. Saving money is no different. When you do yoga daily, you’ll be more apt to paying attention to your needs. You can easily pinpoint between what you require and what is desired.

When you do yoga, you can opt to do it at home. This costs you nothing at all. Saving money has a lot to do with how you spend it in the first place. There are a lot of reasons we will spend money on things we don’t need. Many of them come from a mental state of lack. You don’t feel as good as you could. With yoga, you can begin to investigate those things in yourself that aren’t giving you a sense of wholeness. The practice also helps you to find that wholeness within yourself. This makes it easier to appreciate what you have and to say ‘no’ to the things you don’t really need.



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How Yoga Helps in Saving Money



Article written by Meera Watts



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