A Family Holiday in Taormina, Sicily

A Family Holiday in Taormina, Sicily

Any holiday is made that much more special with amazing food, great weather, nature and friendly locals. For a family holiday specifically, a low(er) cost of living in the destination city makes a big difference so families don’t have to tap completely into their savings to enjoy a relaxing holiday together. Sicily is a great location for a family holiday with one or more kids, adhering to all the wonderful family destination qualities. You are immersed in nature with beaches and even have one of the largest volcanoes around you and you get to enjoy the true Sicilian way of life. Recently, Sicily has been in the news because of the G7 summit. But in addition to it being a fancy location for politicians, it is also an incredibly beautiful destination for families looking for an unforgettable summer holiday.

Here are just 3 of the amazing things for families to do in Taormina, Sicily:


  1. Visit the Teatro Antico

The Teatro Antico was built in the 3rd century BC and holds a tonne of history and also beautiful panoramic views of the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna. If you are visiting Taormina in the summer time, there are also operas, film screenings and concerts held here! You will truly feel part of living history as you sit within this ancient structure.

A Family Holiday in Taormina, Sicily 

  1. Explore Mount Etna

Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and bound to interest your kids, with either the science behind it or the space to walk around and explore. You and your family can also head up via cable car, an adventure in it of itself and an exciting experience to have with the kids. Mount Etna also makes for a very impressive backdrop during your stay in Taormina, so keep your camera on hand throughout your holiday!


  1. Try local foods

Sometimes encouraging kids to try new foods can be tricky. But Sicily is arguably one the most kid-friendly food destinations. You can try typical dishes with fresh local products and if you have an especially picky eater, the pasta and pizza backup options at home are pure delicacies here. Another prized food in Italy is the incredibly creamy gelato made here, or for those after something fresher try a granita. It consists of sugar, ice and fresh flavourings and is the perfect way to keep cool in the summer.

A Family Holiday in Taormina, Sicily

When it comes to accommodation, I recommend using a trusted company, such as Wishsicily, to book one of the many luxury villas available in Taormina. Instead of paying for multiple rooms in a hotel or other accommodation option, it can be more cost effective to rent a villa. You also get a private space to wind down and shift into full holiday mode. If you have young kids, it can also be especially helpful to have a kitchen to cook in and keep eating schedules and habits somewhat close to normal routine. As much fun as it is to eat out and try new foods, sometimes a home-cooked breakfast or snack preparation can make you feel even more relaxed and at home. Keep your eye out for villas for rent that even have a private pool!


There are loads of gorgeous towns in Sicily, so if you prefer to find somewhere offering, even more, adventure, history or more rustic experiences, you can find all of these things on the same island. Many people also rent a car and travel around it a bit, though of course, that depends on your own family’s needs.


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