6 Easy Homemade Wooden Gifts for All the Family

6 Easy Homemade Wooden Gifts for All the Family

Are you in need of some inspiration for an upcoming birthday? Rather than head straight for Amazon, why not consider making your next gift from one of the most sustainable of sources: wood. Visit your local wood merchants to gather the essentials and then choose from one of the following ideas, starting with three that are great for children followed by three more suitable for any adults set to celebrate in the near future. Take a look at 6 easy homemade wooden gifts for all the family.


Block Stacker

Every toy store sells some plastic variation of these stackers aimed at babies and young toddlers. Yet they’re easy to construct from a few bits of wood and you can make them a little bit more exciting. Smooth down a small wooden pole (no more than 30cm high) and attach it to a base. Then you can get creative in making the shapes to stack on it square, circular, star or any shape and paint different colours.



With a bit of paint, some stencils and wood to work with you can make an entire farmyard of animals to play with. Beginners should start with stencils for some simple wooden animals, such as any type of fish, whale or shark, while an owl, fox or rabbit can also be less complicated. Once you get the hang of it feel free to move onto harder animals.


Sit-on Scooters

All you require is some wood, paint, wheels, new or old door handles and a drill and screws to build sit on scooters. Cut the wood into a square, making sure there’s room for the child to sit comfortably and paint in any design you desire. Then attach four wheels to the bottom and two handles to the side they can hold onto.


Butter Board

It’s not the most exciting of gifts but is definitely useful and not too tricky to construct. Any scrap wood can be used to build the base of the butter board, along with the feet, handle and spreader if you’re feeling ambitious. Just remember to sand it down well and varnish for a really fancy effect so that it will hopefully look like a really professional job.


Phone Charging Station

Who says wood and technology don’t mix? If you know someone who’s always on their phone or asking for a charger then this can be the next best present. With a block of wood simply cut it down to an appropriate size and shape (a smoothed off triangle looks good). Then make a decent indent on the top the size of their phone’s base. If you know how to hollow out more of the bottom so it acts as an amplifier for the phone’s speaker too.


Picture Frame

Less imaginative but really simple especially if you want to get your kids involved in creating a gift for their other parent is a picture frame. You don’t need much spare wood and they can be easily glued together. Plus, you get the honour of picking the photo that goes in the frame!


6 Easy Homemade Wooden Gifts for All the Family


Hopefully, you’ve got some good ideas of what to make as a gift for your loved one’s next birthday with these homemade wooden gifts.



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