Catching Up on Old Times: Why It’s Good to Reconnect With Old Friends

Catching Up on Old Times: Why It’s Good to Reconnect With Old Friends

High school and college were the best times. We were so busy studying, partying, and waiting to get older to really appreciate the moments. That’s why catching up can be so precious; it allows for a walk down memory lane with dear old friends, more reason to connect with lost friends and associates.

Water Under the Bridge

Emotions are intense in our younger years. In some cases, first loves become first exes and best friends grow to be worst enemies. We’ve all seen movies and television displaying the cliches of being a younger person. As we mature, we realise that some things didn’t have to be so intense and we miss people, despite soured relations. Reconnecting presents a chance to be friends again and nurture neglected relationships.

Social Forensics

Being around old friends is like having a social forensics team present. When meeting new acquaintances or friends in adulthood, we act like our ‘adult’ selves. When we’re around old friends, however, we can’t feign appearances. Those people knew us since we were young… It’s refreshing to be around those who knew us “when.” Since it can be difficult to track down personalities we haven’t seen in years, we can try a reverse lookup service to recruit phone numbers. Check it out.

Old Burning Flames

Those who date in high school and college often have fond thoughts of exes. In some cases, it wasn’t the right time then but things change over the years. It could be good to see an old boyfriend or girlfriend. In the very least, you catch up and see how they’re doing. At best, you rekindle old feelings and have the opportunity to start a new romance.

Things In Perspective

Old friends and acquaintances put things in modern perspective. Firstly, old friends remind you of the person you were, faults and good parts. Analyze their memories of you and compare that to who you believe you are now. Secondly, old friends help realize current friends are just acquaintances. As we get older and more independent, it’s easy to mistake an acquaintance for a friend.

Business Connections

It may be surprising to find the class doofus is now a Fortune 500 company owner. Perhaps you won’t come across a situation as ironic, but many old friends help one another make business connections. With today’s tools, people don’t need to share the same post code or time-zone to be business partners. If you don’t do something business related with an old friend, they may introduce to other associates in their network.

Counterbalance the Laziness

Losing touch with friends is unlike a romantic breakup. Usually, things come to a head and two people who were once romantically connected, part ways for life. Friends are different. It may be that a friend moved farther away, got married, or started a new interest that takes up a lot of time. Basically, two people got lazy in nurturing the friendship, yet there is no good reason not to reconnect.




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