How Can I Be the Best Personal Assistant?

How Can I Be the Best Personal Assistant?

When you start as a personal assistant, you always want to be the best you can as quickly as possible to impress your new boss.  But the benefits of a good personal assistant often come to light over time, as your employer comes to rely on you.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t tips and tricks you can use to be the best personal assistant possible – and maybe get that promotion when it comes around!

Be indispensable

When you look at Personal Assistant Jobs in London, you will see terms like ‘be the manager’s right arm’ – what they want is someone who can handle all the stuff that they don’t have the time or resources to handle.  And the best personal assistants will quickly become indispensable for their boss by taking away all those tasks that they either can’t or don’t want to do.  

Part of this is learning the person and how you can best help them.  This quickly allows you to understand what your boss will need and how to anticipate those needs.  You will also learn about prioritising of their workload – which calls they need to take, which reports they need to read and how to best organise these things to minimalize wasted time.

Own your mistakes

While it would be nice to be perfect and never make mistakes, we are all human.  The best personal assistants are those that hold up their hands and own their mistakes.  Also, make sure you learn from those mistakes and ensure that you don’t repeat them.  We can all write down the wrong date once but make sure it doesn’t happen again and deal with the problem – rearrange the meeting, apologise who whoever your boss was meeting and make sure the problem is quickly rectified.

Keep lots of notes

As part of your job, you will take a lot of notes.  Not only should you take notes for your boss and as part of your role, but also keep notes about things that will help you later in your job.  This can be anything from where your boss prefers to stay when they visit certain branches of the company to when they like to travel – are they a morning person or do they prefer to arrive the night before?  This all makes your job easier and adds to that sense of being indispensable.

Be discreet

While no-one expects you to keep things secret if you discover something illegal, you should otherwise be very discreet in your role.  You will be privy to lots of information about your boss and company that will be personal and private – bank balances, company income, medical information or a wide range of other information.  You should never tell anyone any of this or even hint at what you know as you will lose your boss’ trust.

Don’t be afraid to keep training

As a personal assistant, you are always learning but don’t be afraid to take on further training to help develop you in your role.  Maybe there’s a new computer system that your company is rolling out that you might not use but want to be trained the same as everyone else, so you understand it.  There are also lots of local training courses you can attend to improve or brush up on your skills.


Being the best personal assistant is about understanding your role and what your employer needs from you. This varies with every job but there are some elements that always remain the same – reliability, organisational skills, discretion and professionalism.  Work with these and add other skills and you will be the best personal assistant possible.




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