Why Destination Beach Weddings Are Becoming Popular

Why Destination Beach Weddings Are Becoming Popular

Here on this blog we’ve talked pretty dresses, engagement rings, exotic holidays. How better than to tie them all together and have a look at why beach weddings are becoming popular?

This post might be helpful to you if you are wondering if a destination beach wedding is for you. Most couples ponder the question at some point during the planning process. Possibly because the thought of getting married on a sandy beach really does sound like a romantic dream.  But often, couples shy away from the idea because it sounds daunting or they don’t want to break from family tradition.

However, if you’re unsure, here are several reasons why you should plan a destination beach wedding:

  • You won’t have to deal with endless family drama of which traditions to include and where to sit which feuding distant relatives. This way, your beach wedding can be unique and all about what you and your fiancé want. It can be as intimate as just the two of you or include 20 to 30 of your closest friends and family members, which you actually want to spend time with.
  • You’ll have more quality time with your family and friends. Traditional weddings are often so action-packed you may only have a minute or two with each guest. However, with destination weddings, you can truly interact with your guests better, especially if you begin the party festivities a few days before and everyone stays at the same hotel. By the time the wedding rolls around on Saturday, you’ve caught up with everyone through some bonfires on the beach or some cocktails with friends, and everyone can just focus on the big day.
  • Destination beach weddings are less stressful. Many worldwide resorts have made it more appealing by offering wedding and honeymoon packages on-site. In fact, Brighton Savoy in Australia (can you imagine getting married in Australia?!) is one of the most luxurious beach wedding venues in Melbourne because their full-service boutique hotel is nestled along Port Philip Bay. This lets you have an array of photo opportunities and comfortable accommodations and fine cuisine for you and your guests.

Beach weddings

  • Destination beach weddings are more cost-effective. Traditional weddings cost upwards of £15,000. where as you can choose to marry on a sandy beach and honeymoon in a luxurious hotel for so much less. Even if you choose to include your family, it’s easier to work with the resort wedding coordinator on your personalised wedding and discounted hotel rate.
  • Destination weddings are easier to plan. Many resorts offer their own wedding coordinator to assist with the planning and have decorations you can use as well. Brighton Savoy in Melbourne has a lot to offer as it features the above as well as a back-up ceremony plan, a three-course reception dinner, an optional MC, and recommendations for other local vendors.
  • Everyone gets to enjoy a holiday on the beach. Who doesn’t love to feel the sand between their toes and the sun on their face? Combining that with your most special day and the people that you love – it will make the beach an even more memorable place for years to come.

I know if I had my wedding all over again, a beach wedding is definitely something I would look into more. How about you? Has this sold you on destination weddings? While all weddings are special, they make it easy to make it relaxing and romantic at the same time, while having the wedding of your life.


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  1. 18th November 2016 / 10:01 am

    As much as I enjoyed my wedding day, I feel like I would’ve loved a destination wedding! It would’ve saved me so much stress and worry, and I could’ve really focused on what was important. If I did it again I’d definitely hit the beach!
    Beth x | Adventure & Anxiety

    • Jaki
      19th November 2016 / 9:08 pm

      Me too!! My day was perfect but in hindsight I would do it all again far away with just a select few. Thanks for reading and commenting. X

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