3 Things You Need to Know Before a Trip to London (or Other Cities in the UK)

3 Things You Need to Know Before a Trip to London (or Other Cities in the UK)

A visit to the UK is always one of the best ways to spend your holiday. The country has so much to offer, from gorgeous castles and the history behind them to high-fashion shopping centres and the best restaurants in the world. You can never get bored when visiting the UK, especially if you’re visiting a big city like London.

Before you start making plans, however, there are a few things to prepare for the trip. These are the top three things you need to know before a trip to London – or other cities in the UK.

How to Get Around

The UK has an amazing public transportation system that you can rely on to explore bigger cities, but driving is still considered the best way to get around. You can find a hire car company that provides the right type of car for your trip, whether it is a compact city car or a bigger SUV. Depending on the kind of holiday you have, you can also choose to start in one city and end the trip in another when you hire a car.

Of course, you need a valid driving licence to be able to drive in the UK. Be sure to check with the local regulations regarding whether your local driving licence can be used in the country. You can also learn more about the Highway Code and driving regulations from websites such as TopTests.co.uk, which provides a selection of mock theory tests to help learner drivers and anyone else brush up on their Highway Code.

Brushing up on your driving skills wouldn’t hurt either. Keep in mind that the British drive on the left side of the road in the UK. You may need to get used to the driving conditions before you can explore nearby attractions swiftly.

Learn About Local Customs

While the UK is a modern and open country, there are still customs that the British adhere to. Queue barging, for example, is a big NO in the UK. No matter what excuse you might have for needing to jump the line, you will be frowned upon when you do it in the UK.

Tea is also a big part of the culture. In fact, you can find some of the best tea in the world on your visit to the UK. There are plenty of places where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon watching the sunset and having a cup of tea.

A Culinary Adventure

Lastly, always remember that the UK is home not only to the best restaurants in the world but also the best pubs. Make sure you spend some time trying the cuisines you can find in the cities you visit and don’t forget to enjoy the ambience of local pubs, along with the best beers around.

There are a lot of places to go clubbing too, especially in bigger cities like London. The night scene is worth checking out if you’re into it. Plus, the streets are very safe, even during the later hours. Just watch your purse or bag and you’ll have amazing nights while visiting the UK.




  1. 2nd August 2017 / 7:53 pm

    I wouldn’t recommend driving in the city of London. Most of the city now has a congestion charge and it’s so full of cabs. If you have a smart phone it’s so much easier to just use Uber to get a cab if you want to avoid the busses or trains.

  2. 19th January 2018 / 1:01 pm

    This is an insightful article. I agree with all your points.

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