5 Trendy Home Decor Ideas

5 Trendy Home Decor Ideas

The nice weather that most of us have been experiencing recently can make us feel like we want to start getting things done in and around the house. We have much more get up and go when the sun shines and the motivation is much easier to come by. But what can you do to embrace this and perhaps make your house more modern? Take a look at my 5 trendy home decor ideas to bring your house well into the 21st century.


Ombre paint or wallpaper

Ombre means ‘to shade’ and is more popular this year than ever before. You can attempt this yourself if you don’t want to pay for a decorator. There is a wealth of information online about how to paint an ombre wall, but if you really don’t fancy it then, of course, there is wallpaper available too. Just pick your favourite shades and away you go. You’ll soon have an ultra trendy feature wall that will be a great talking point for anyone who visits you in your home.


Wall Murals

Do you fancy having the world at your fingertips? Well, now you can, thanks to super trendy wall murals. Map wallpaper can be made to measure and hung in your lounge leaving you to sit in comfort and plan your next trip.


5 Trendy Home Decor Ideas


Perhaps you fancy something that will make your room feel a little more luxurious. How about marble wallpaper? Giving you a contemporary. modern design that will give your room a cooler feel during the warmer months.

And the great thing about these murals? They’re temporary, so you don’t need to worry about changing your mind.


Classic Marble Wallpaper 5 Trendy Home Decor Ideas


Golden Accents

This year gold is the go-to colour for the little accents around your home. Think door handles or picture frames. Or even go as far as cushions with a golden glow. Bring the sunshine into your home with this trendy home decor tip that’s sure to make you smile even when the rainy days arrive.


Abstract Art

Abstract art is always a great way to bring a modern feel to any room. With its bold striking features, it will always be a great focal point that is modern but will be timeless. Spend some money on it and it’s sure to be an investment.


Abstract Painting 5 Trendy Home Decor Ideas


Bold seating

A great way to make a simple an immediate change to your living space is by changing up your furniture. Get rid of that plain boring sofa and invest in a striking piece in a bold colour. You’ll inject colour and a modern trend into your room without any effort whatsoever. Everyone loves a bit of sofa shopping!


5 Trendy Home Decor Ideas


So there we have five trendy home decor ideas that will turn your home from drab to delightful without a whole heap of effort.


What are your favourite ideas? Have you seen anything here you fancy trying? Let me know in the comments.



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