Top 6 Home Remedies For Pest Control

Top 6 Home Remedies For Pest Control

Are you tired of those annoying insects disturbing your home life on a daily basis? Do not worry as I have the perfect answer to your problems. Having searched high and low for solutions, from hiring Pointe Pest Control to do the job for you or trying home remedies yourself, I have filtered down some of the best home remedies you can use to save your home from an infestation.



This little trick helps in fighting against bugs like ants and cockroaches. Take a cucumber and cut it into slices. Then place the slices over the areas that you think can be an entry point for pests. Using bitter cucumber works even better than regular ones. This is a great repellant against cockroaches and ants because they avoid cucumber’s scent. It has a deterring effect and it will help you keep your home safe and clean.



When having trouble with insects, always remember to keep this handy garlic spray nearby, specifically if you have a pretty garden that you want to keep pest free. The recipe is quite easy and it will help you fight off most bugs such as mosquitoes and ants. All you have to do is take five bulbs of garlic, then peel and crush them. Once done, leave the crushed garlic overnight, in 16 oz. of water. The next day, add a drop of dish soap and then strain the liquid mixture. Lastly, add it to a gallon of water and your garlic spray is ready. You can spray this solution twice a week to keep pests away from your budding garden.


Essential Oils

They do not just smell great but they are also very handy in repelling insects. Oils extracted from eucalyptus, neem, citrus, and lemongrass are a very effective deterrent against mosquitoes, flies, aphids, ants and other soft-bodied bugs. The great thing about this recipe is that it gets the job done while leaving your home smelling heavenly. You can use essential oils separately as well as combined. You can combine them to make an anti-insect potion that you can spray into all the cracks and corners of your house. Just add 25 drops of the essential oil into a bottle and then add a cup of water. Shake it well and spray all the entrance points.


Diatomaceous Earth

This magical natural matter is the powdered residue of diatoms. Diatomaceous Earth is non-toxic and so, it is completely safe to have around children and pets. It kills ants, bed bugs, aphids, beetle grubs, and cockroaches by cutting through their exoskeleton and dehydrating them overtime. Moreover, it can even kill slugs and snails but you need caution. Since this substance has a dehydrating effect on bugs, it is best to cover all water storages in your house beforehand. Simply sprinkle the powder wherever you see pest activity the most and watch the magic happen. A great part about this compound is that it is completely safe to use in the garden.


Hot Pepper

For this recipe, you have to use hot chilli peppers. This spice works well in deterring many insects like aphids, ants, spider mites and whiteflies. When using hot chilli peppers, the recipe is to grind the dried chillies and sprinkle the powder into the cervices of your home or even in the garden. Take great care while grinding the chillies to powder and when sprinkling the powder as it is extremely irritating for your eyes. Be sure to wear protective gear for your eyes as a precaution.



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Top 6 Home Remedies For Pest Control



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