Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Happier

Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Happier

If you recently moved, or if you haven’t changed the decor in your home in a while, you may have started searching for interior design ideas and inspiration. No matter what your style preferences are, nearly all individuals have the same goal when decorating their spaces: to create a place in which they feel happy. Who doesn’t love to come home to a place that is filled with favourite items, inspiring colours, and cosy elements?

Want to make your home a place of happiness and inspiration, but unsure of where to begin your journey? Uncover three valuable tips for achieving this goal.


Add inspiring artwork

Intimidated by the thought of adding artwork to your house or flat? You don’t need an interior decorator or expert knowledge to select pieces of work. Choose pieces based on what will look good with the colours of the room you are decorating, your budget, and what makes you feel happy. Whether you prefer beautiful outdoor canvas wall art, breathtaking paintings, or sculptures, artwork has the power to evoke powerful emotions.

Want to feel more energised and motivated? Artwork that uses bright, vibrant colours (e.g. red, yellow, orange, pink) can serve as an instant boost of positivity in your day. Prefer to have your space be one of relaxation? Select art that uses natural scenes, such as images of a sunset, the ocean, flowers, or the forest. To get you started, consider the following: Is there a specific part of the world you’d love to see on your wall every day? Do you want to see beautiful images with your favorite inspiring quotes? If you are decorating your kitchen, would you enjoy displaying images of your favorite foods and beverages?


Decorate with furniture, colours, and other items that make you smile

Love the way a specific colour makes you feel? Or how about the comfort you experience when you are surrounded by certain styles, patterns, and textures of furniture and home accessories? Rather than keeping up with the hottest styles and latest trends, choose your furniture, wall colours, and other items based on what makes you feel good. Depending on the room(s) you are decorating and your budget, consider adding items such as a comfy chair, new bedding, new window treatments, new lighting, or a kitchen backsplash. Simple decorative elements such as the ones listed can quickly transform a room into a place that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Selecting a new paint color for a room can also help you achieve the look and style you desire.


Bring the outdoors inside your home

Studies have shown that the mental and physical health benefits of nature are real and abundant. Why not capture these benefits for your home? Do you have favorite kinds of flowers? Add them to a table in your bedroom, dining room, or living room to help put a smile on your face everytime you see them. If you feel relaxed by the sound of water, consider purchasing a natural indoor water fountain. Also, use plants and flowers that are in-season to match seasonal decor. Harnessing the happiness found only in nature, and using it within your home, is a sure way to keep you feeling motivated, inspired, and connected.


Create an interior home design you love

Rather than focusing on what styles others like, or what is currently trendy in home design, keep your preferences as the top priority when decorating or re-decorating your home or flat. Embrace your ability to make your own choices! Creating a place that makes you feel a deep sense of purpose, safety, and happiness is a much more important goal than subscribing to fleeting trends. Instead, fill the rooms in your home with what makes you as an individual feel most comfortable and inspired.


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