How To Save Money On Energy Bills

How To Save Money On Energy Bills

We all love the idea of having a warm, cosy and inviting home, however, it is no secret that in order to get that, chances are that you are going to have to spend out a fortune heating that home. Energy bills are on the rise and the most frustrating thing of all is that you need heating in your home, so, often people feel that they trapped paying out these expensive heating bills, with no other choice.


We believe that there are things that you can do to ensure that your energy bills as are as low as possible. So much so, that we have put together our guide on how to save money on your energy bills.


Underfloor heating

Whilst the most traditional approach to heating your home is using central heating and radiators placed around rooms, there are new and modern approaches to heating that are becoming more popular. Underfloor heating is one of these. The great thing about underfloor heating is that it is effective as well as efficient, as the heating elements are spread around the entire room, not just confined to one corner, they make sure that the whole room is warm, in a much shorter length of time. This means that you only have to turn the heating system on for a small period, rather than all day.


You can buy underfloor heating kits from Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies, where you will find exactly what you are looking for, made to the highest standard and ready to transform your home into the warm and inviting space that you want it to be.


Think about your thermostat

One part of your heating system that many people seem to overlook is your thermostat, however, your thermostat is one part that could be having the biggest impact on your energy bills. Your thermostat controls how warm your house is, so, it makes sense that if you leave this up to the highest temperature then your energy usage (and in turn what you pay out) will be higher.


A great option is to install a smart thermostat in your home, these gadgets are designed to help to reduce the amount of wasted heat you have in your home. Controlled by your phone, you can choose to only heat certain rooms, or heat them at certain times of the day. You can also control your heating away from home, which is ideal if you have left and forgotten to turn off your heating.


You can also simply choose to turn down your thermostat. Perhaps you don’t need it as high as you currently have it, a few degrees cooler won’t really notice to you and it will save you a whole lot of money in the long run. In fact, it is thought that turning your heating down by as little as 1 degree, will save you £75 in a year.


Upgrade your boiler

Now, this point is definitely more of an investment than the others, however, if you find that you are spending out a rather excessive amount on heating your home, then perhaps it is time to look at a new boiler. Sure, a new boiler is expensive, however, it is thought that by upgrading the efficiency of your boiler you could save as much as £320 in one year alone. Which makes it a worthwhile thing to pay out for. It’s also worth looking at some energy efficient designer radiators, that too could contribute towards a cheaper energy bill.


Insulate and draught proof

You would be surprised by just how much of an impact your windows and doors can have when it comes to heating your home. Any gaps or cracks give an escape route for warm air and a way in for cold air, which is going to play havoc with the temperature in your home, and ultimately how much you then pay out to heat it.


It is really worthwhile taking the time to check over your home, making sure that it is insulated and draught-proofed as much as possible. Look at your windows, are they double glazed? If not, then book this in, arrange for your roof to be insulated as this will help to keep the warm air in and even take a look at the doors and skirting boards, installing draught excluders wherever you think they may be necessary.



Whilst your energy bill is something that you just have to budget for, that doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to a lifetime of over the top charges. Why not try out some of our top tips and see if you can save yourself money on your energy bills, without having to live with a cold house.




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