3 Reasons Why Women Choose Donor Eggs

3 Reasons Why Women Choose Donor Eggs

When a young woman sits back and thinks about her future, it’s safe to say she’s not dreaming of having children via donor egg IVF.

Unfortunately, there are many different reasons a couple may find themselves scrolling through Google and clicking on links about egg donation like this: https://donoreggbankusa.com/our-program/our-process. Using donor eggs might not look like the typical version of “happily ever after,” but for people in certain situations, it might be the fairy tale ending they’ve been searching for.


Why Do Women Choose Donor Eggs?

Choosing to use donor eggs isn’t something a woman picks ‘just because.’ It’s used only in the direst of situations. When a couple is desperate to start a family, but dealing with hard circumstances, it may be their answer.

Here are three of the most common reasons women find themselves choosing egg donation:


1.      Advanced Maternal Age

It’s no surprise that as a woman gets older, the quality of her eggs, and the number available, will start to diminish.

What is surprising, however, is how soon this can start to happen.

By the time a woman hits the age of 35, time will have already taken an unfortunate toll on her reproductive system. When her eggs and body are no longer capable of naturally supporting a pregnancy, a younger woman’s donated eggs might be the best solution.

There can be consequences to using older eggs, including:

  • Premature birth
  • Higher miscarriage or stillbirth rates
  • Low birth weights
  • Chromosomal defects

Using a donor is a safe way of still being able to carry a child while reducing the number of risks to their well-being.


2.      Premature Ovarian Failure

In an unfair reality, sometimes a younger woman is unable to naturally conceive a baby due to premature ovarian failure (POF).

Learning your eggs are unviable isn’t the black and white result of one specific factor. There are several reasons a woman might find herself in this position, such as previous harsh treatments for diseases like cancer or autoimmune illnesses.

In some frustrating situations, doctors are unable to even find the cause for a woman’s inability to conceive.  A woman might just have seemingly poor luck and/or a genetic predisposition for infertility.


3.      Possible Transfer of Genetic Diseases

In the event a hopeful mother has been diagnosed with a genetic disease, it makes sense she would do anything possible to avoid passing that illness onto her children.

In an effort to do so, she and her partner may choose donor eggs as a solution.

Egg donors are rigorously screened to ensure there are no concerning underlying illnesses or genetic diseases.


What Happens After You Choose Donor Eggs?

You’ve realized donor egg IVF is the best solution for you and your family… what happens next?

The first step is to determine what you’re looking for in a potential donor and select which one you’ll be using. After you’ve chosen, the donated eggs will be safely shipped to your fertility clinic to await thawing and fertilization.

You’ll undergo a series of preliminary tests to determine your current reproductive health. The information gathered during these screenings will assist your doctor in prescribing a protocol of medications like oestrogen and progesterone that will work to prepare your uterus for the upcoming embryo transfer.

Your body’s response to the medications will be monitored through blood work and ultrasound technology. When your doctor determines you’re ready, it will be time for your transfer.

After your embryo transfer has taken place, you will begin the two-week wait before your clinic can administer a blood pregnancy test that will hopefully yield positive results.


Getting Pregnant with Donor Egg IVF

There’s no denying donor egg IVF is a difficult process to endure, but when all else fails and you’re anxious to start a family, it’s an extraordinary option to have.

An incomprehensible beauty comes with raising children and every couple should have the opportunity to do so if they wish. We are blessed to live in a society with valuable technology at our fingertips that provide struggling couples with the chance they deserve to start a family.

Giving up a genetic connection to your child may seem difficult, but the ability to still bring them into this world and raise them as your own makes it all worth it.



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3 Reasons Why Women Choose Donor Eggs





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