How La Femme Fashion Dresses Became So Iconic

How La Femme Fashion Dresses Became So Iconic

For more than a decade, La Femme has been creating a wide range of dresses, covering wedding dresses, prom dresses, homecoming dressing, evening dresses, and many more. Basically, they believe that there’s always an elegant dress that would be perfect for anyone’s taste. They take pride in creating elegant and exquisite dresses that have won several awards during their thirteen years of operation. I came across them recently when looking into evening dresses for an upcoming black tie dinner event that I have been invited to.

Let me give you the history of La Femme dresses and how they became one of the most popular fashion dresses in today’s time. It’s really quite fascinating!


It was back in 2003 (those were the days!) when La Femme Fashion Designers decided to start their company and began producing elegant designer dresses. Considering the fact that the designers of La Femme were really hard working and dedicated in their field, it didn’t take a long time for them to achieve the success that they’ve dreamed of. In just a few years, they managed to gain recognition because of their cutting edge fashion designs that are not only elegant, but very flattering as well, which I’m sure we all agree is very important!

Have a look at this timeline that shows the early beginning of La Femme and how it’s dresses came to be:

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In 2008, they received the award, “Manufacturer Representative Award of Excellence”. This has been a very huge achievement for them since their company has just been five years old. Likewise, winning this award has opened the door to many awards over the years.

Then, in 2009, they received the same award again– “Manufacturer Representative Award of Excellence”. This only proved that they are really dedicated and passionate about their job, and because of that, their rise to fame continues to take place.

It doesn’t stop there either, because in 2010 they also won not one, but three different awards. Wherein, the first award was the Manufacturer Representative Award of Excellence– this was the third time in a row they got the same award. Then, they also received an award for being a Prom Trendsetter, because they have made some of the best prom dresses there is. Last, but definitely not least, was the Consumer Demand Style Award. Due the number of awards they are getting, their popularity keeps on increasing as well. Likewise, more and more people started to fall in love with the stunning designs they produce every year.


In 2011, they received the Manufacturer Representative Award of Excellence once again. Aside from that, they also won the Prom Manufacturer of the Year Award– this reward is something they really deserved, because they had been creating dresses and gowns for proms, weddings, homecoming nights, and many more. These gowns are like dream-dresses for the wearers, and it gave them the confidence they need while wearing the elegantly made dress.


Carrie Underwood is one of the celebrities who love the dresses made by La Femme. During the CMT Awards in 2012, she wore a beautiful Mocha La Femme Dress. Then, during her American Idol days she also wore La Femme originals.


The International Prom Associations website features the Spring Collection of La Femme in 2013. This gave them more popularity as the website has managed to advertise the exquisite La Femme dresses to their visitors. They also encouraged the idea that most of the dresses produced by La Femme are very affordable, yet high quality. With that, they also won the Retailer’s Choice Awards.

The magazine, Seventeen, also created a virtual dressing room in their website back in 2013. In this dressing room, there are more than 20 La Femme dresses that users can try virtually to see if it will look good on them or not. There are also several body types to choose from, and the user can create an image on how the dress would look on her; making alterations is also possible in this virtual dressing room.

Through the help of the Internet, La Femme became one of the fashion and style leader, as it slowly gained recognition online as well.

Not only the brand receives numerous awards, but even their hard working employees as well. Like Shannon Malone who is a sales specialist, received an award for excellent customer service. This only proves that La Femme cares and highly regards their clients, ensuring that they’d only receive the best customer service there is.


In 2014, La Femme decided to release a new collection, and it has also won an award, while their staff, Lisa Rivera, and Shannon Malone were also awarded the Best Value by Design.

Then, in 2015, they have given a new twist to the classic and timeless dress made by Coco Channel– the Little Black Dress. The new interpretation of La Femme was something a lot of ladies loved, and so, the style became a huge hit, which is not surprising – after all, who doesn’t love a little black dress?


In present time, La Femme wanted to show their appreciation to those who have patronized the elegant dresses they make, and so, they’ve been giving some of their lucky admirers a chance to win a free dress from them. Ten lucky winners would have the privilege of choosing a dress with a value of as much as £400!

Lastly, those who are thinking of browsing the La Femme dresses, check out the dress collection at www.peachesboutique.com. They’re one of the reputable stores that features this brand.


It’s pretty clear, that La Femme dresses are carefully thought out and professionally fitted so that both celebrities and regular ladies would be amazed with the dresses they make for every season. This brand believed that the sparkling details of their style would make any woman feel glamorous and beautiful on their special day.

That’s probably one of the reasons why celebrities like Hayden Panettiere, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Heather Morris, Salma Hayek and other famous stars out there usually choose La Femme dresses whenever they have special occasions to attend to.

Now I need to go and find myself a pretty dress so I can dazzle and delight at the black tie dinner I’ve been invited to! Cinderella will go to the ball!

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