Why Embracing An Artistic Pastime Will Benefit Your Parenting

Why Embracing An Artistic Pastime Will Benefit Your Parenting

It can get to a point as a parent where you need to get off the treadmill for a bit. The constant routine of cleaning, cooking, ironing, and back to the start can really weigh you down. Not only that, but you can really lose sight of who you are. It was easier before you had kids, and while your kids are your world, having some bit of time to yourself is really what you need to recharge the batteries. But so many of us mums can’t just “sit down and do nothing.” So what can we do instead that’s not just for us, but also makes the most of our time? Hobbies are one thing, but you don’t always end up investing yourself in them properly. And this is why an artistic endeavour really helps.

The thing about finding something creative to do, rather than just a hobby is that you can fully make the pursuit your own. We all struggle to find something that is just ours because if we go to the cinema, we’ll have to take someone along, and if it’s the children, we’re not fully engrossed in the film anyway. And there are plenty of really good things you can do that are solitary practices. For example, photography and taking pictures of landscapes or things that catch your eye is a great way to get engrossed in something. You don’t have to share the task with anyone else, and in getting some fantastic pictures, it can help spur you on to do it much more often. Photography is something a lot of people do, and it becomes not just something to do on the weekends, but it becomes a passion. If you know nothing about where to begin, Samuel Burns Landscape Photography has a really good guide on getting set up. For something like photography, it is endlessly gratifying, and not only that, but it gets you outside in the open air, and it helps concentrate your mind, so it takes you away from your normal routines. This is why a lot of people paint, or write, or play music. It’s not just something that they like doing, but it relaxes them. It’s like a little coping device. 

Now, I know it’s hard to even think about finding time to do something for you, especially when the children are running around. But the one trick in this is to schedule in some time that is for you. You should always make a block of time on the calendar that is for you. That way, if you struggle to find the time, it becomes part of your schedule, and hopefully, you’ll begin to structure your life better. While we all struggle to cope on occasion, by having an outlet that is creative, it becomes our little coping mechanism. Thinking about issues like anxiety and depression, having a creative hobby is very therapeutic. And if you haven’t got anything that relaxes you, or helps even you out, then doing something creative is the thing you need!  




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