6 Things Celebs Can Teach Us About Fancy Dress

6 Things Celebs Can Teach Us About Fancy Dress

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Do you have a fancy dress party coming up? Maybe you’re just making early plans for Halloween. Whatever the case, you want to make sure that you ‘wow’ others with your choice of fancy dress. How can you do this? Learn from the people who do it best. Here are 6 things celebs can teach us about fancy dress:

It’s OK Not To Take Yourself Too Seriously

You really don’t have to take yourself too seriously when it comes to fancy dress. Sure, some people do. They like to dress in ‘sexy’ costumes as this gets the most attention, as well as the most likes when you take pictures! Refusing to take yourself seriously is fun too. Just look at Sofia Vergara as a lemon on her 44th birthday, or Kate Beckinsale as a giant inflatable, erm…men’s genitalia. Then you have North West as a skunk (although she didn’t look too happy about it at the party) and Katy Perry as a giant cheeto. Take a leaf out of their books and don’t take it too seriously. Have fun!

 6 Things Celebs Can Teach Us About Fancy Dress

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You Can Never Be Too Extra

If you want to make people go wow, then you can never be too extra. Focus on every little detail to get that look down, and even use SFX makeup to make it more realistic. Examples of this include Kim Kardashian as a skeleton, or the time she was a mermaid. When celebs do want to do fancy dress seriously, they do it well.

Getting Creative Is Key

Getting creative with fancy dress is the key to having fun and enjoying how you look. Rihanna as Pebbles from the Flintstones doesn’t seem like it would work on paper, but she looks amazing and you can tell she’s having fun. How about Heidi Klum as old Heidi Klum? Amazing effects were used to make her look like a much older version of herself. Oh, and Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim. See? You don’t need to let age, skin color, or anything like that stop you from dressing up as whatever you want.

Gross Is Cool

Going for gross fancy dress can be pretty cool too. What about Kelly Osbourne as Carrie? We shouldn’t expect anything less from the King of Darkness’s daughter, should we?

6 Things Celebs Can Teach Us About Fancy Dress

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Be Ironic

Why not be as ironic as you can to get a few giggles from people who appreciate that kind of thing. Kate Moss was once the most talked about super model in Britain. Then she got older, and a few more almost took her place, but never quite made it. Until Cara Delevingne came along. That’s probably why Kate decided to dress up as her! If you saw her in the street you may have just thought she was dressed a little…weird, but at the party it definitely would have got tons of laughs.

Just Be A Mouse, Duh

Don’t want to put too much effort in? Then how about doing a ‘Mean Girls’ and just grabbing any old costume. Like Paris Hilton when she attended as…who knows? She just wore something slightly different and that was that. Just being there counts.



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