Stepping Up My Blogging Game With Goals For The Year

Stepping Up My Blogging Game With Goals For The Year

Blogging can be such therapy. I am glad I have it to document the highs and lows of family life. It feels like 2017 is time to step up my blogging game, though. I would love to work with some new brands this year and achieve a few more of my blogging goals. As I have been reflecting back on the past year and all that my blog has brought, I have been thinking of things that I’d like to achieve for this year. Though there is room for everyone, the blogging world can feel a little crowded sometimes. So you do have to be doing things to stand out from the rest. Here are some things I have been thinking about for the coming year. I wonder if any of you have been thinking of doing the same?

Blogging Goals

Get into YouTube and Vlogging

With the rise of Snapchat and Instagram stories, more and more of us are taking to doing short little videos to document our life and share with our followers. You can’t forget about the influence that YouTube has, though. You only have to look at Zoella to see just what vlogging can bring! Though I am pretty sure there won’t ever be too many of us with that many subscribers, we can still make some videos and vlogs. I think they can help to supplement our blog posts, especially for things like reviews. It is a great way of getting to know a vlogger when you can hear their voice, don’t you think? So I have thought about doing some of this for sure. I just need to get better at editing my videos so it doesn’t take hours and hours to edit and publish a video. I need to use a better thumbnail creator too so that my videos look good when published up on YouTube.

Pitching to Brands

Until now I haven’t really been the person that pitches to many brands. But I hear of more and more people doing so. I have been joining in with plenty of linkies to get my domain authority higher and higher. So I feel more confident about the thought of pitching to some brands now. I have got more followers than this time a year ago, so I think now might be the time to start pitching to brands. Scary but also quite exciting!

Increase My Following

The way to make it as a pro-blogger is to get more and more people following what you are doing. The more engaged people are, then the more brands will want to work with you. So I’d like to focus on increasing my followers on social media. I know I just need to keep creating content and the followers will come. But I’ve heard more and more about using apps like Crowdfire to track your followers and unfollowers. Nothing more annoying than people that follow you just to unfollow you the next day.

Have you got any blogging goals for the year?


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