Make More Money For Your Blog With Atlist

Make More Money For Your Blog With Atlist

As bloggers, a lot of us work really hard to make a success of our blogs, and if we are really lucky, we may even make a bit of money from them. For a lot of bloggers, their blog is their job and their main source of income! This can be through sponsored posts, advertising or affiliate links. But wouldn’t it be great if you could make some money from the things you love on the internet?


Let me introduce to you, Atlist.


Atlist is a wishlist community, focusing on ethical products. In a nutshell, Atlist is like Pinterest, only better. So if you love a bit of Pinterest, I urge you to keep reading!


When you sign up to Atlist, you can set up your own ethical wishlists and add products from your favourite online shops and share your lists with your friends and family. As a blogger, you can insert affiliate links into the products you choose to pin to your Atlist. This is where it gets interesting. This is where you can make some money.



Atlist Wishlist


Above you can see the Atlist board I have started to create for myself. I could have been there for hours pinning things, I had to stop myself before I got to carried away!


When a user, within Atlist searches for an item, perhaps ‘tops’ or ‘trousers’, all items and Atlists relating to that particular topic appear. If then, a user clicks onto an item that you have saved and then clicks through further to purchase the item, you then earn an affiliate revenue! Cool hey?


The products that are saved to Atlists become more and more visible the higher your score get on the platform. So it works in your favour to get in there and get engaging. The more people engage with your Atlist, by clicking on it and rating it, it will move further up the homepage and gain more visibility, increasing the chance for your item to be clicked on and followed through to a purchase. You can also gain followers too, this will also help with your score and the appearance of the products on the homepage.


Atlist Homepage


The affiliate revenue itself works the same as any others. You use it to earn revenue from the schemes that you are already signed up for. So if you are already earning some money through affiliate links, then this won’t be much extra hassle for you, at all! If you’re not, it might be the incentive you need to get yourself signed up. Think of the money you could make, just from online browsing.


Atlist register page


I’m really looking forward to adding more and more items to my boards in Atlist. It’s so great that you can also share them with friends and family too – next time someone asks you what you want for Christmas or Birthday, you can just send them your wishlist.


It really is a win-win for everybody and a great little way for bloggers to make a little bit more money for their blog.


Atlist is a closed platform however you can register your interest for an invite by heading to www.atlist.co.uk



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