Compromising Your Way Through Blogging

Compromising Your Way Through Blogging

The world of blogging gives us all a platform to get our voices heard. Never before has it been so easy to gain an online audience of willing listeners. And, having an audience is fantastic. It helps you spread messages you consider important. But, with an audience comes responsibility. If you let it, your blog could become all you think about. If we were honest though, few of us start a blog with the intention of letting it take over. Most of us start out for fun. Any monetary gain is a bonus. Ultimately, though, that’s not a goal for the majority. Yet, when your blog starts taking over your life, you can lose sight of that fact. All of a sudden, the fun goes out of it, and you start treating your blog like a job. As such, your content suffers, and so do you. That’s why it’s so important to find a compromise. Otherwise, the thing you love could turn into something you force yourself to do. But, what compromises can you make?


Get equipment that’s up to the job

Sometimes it’s important to think about investing in the right kind of equipment that will make running your blog a bit easier. There is nothing worse than trying to work on a computer that is painfully slow. Or uploading photos over a dreadful internet connection. If you haven’t got the best internet speed you could contact Openreach and see if there is highspeed internet in your area. It’s worth its weight in gold. The little extra expense can make your life easier and more stress-free in the long run.

A schedule you can stick to

Most successful bloggers work to a schedule. Uploading on the same days provides continuity. It’s a commitment you make to your audience. They’re supporting you. The least you can do is let them know when you’ll be releasing content. But, there’s no need to go over the top with your schedule. Don’t set unrealistic expectations. You’ll only stress yourself out. Plus, you’ll let your audience down when you can’t keep up. Instead, to stick to a modest schedule. Uploading two of three times a week is plenty. No one’s going to judge you for not doing more. You aren’t going to lose your audience because other bloggers upload more than you do. And, you won’t have to get stressed out about uploading.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Our blogs are our babies. They are our corners of the internet and contain our thoughts and feelings. They are modern day journals in a lot of ways. So, it can be hard to accept help. But, sometimes it’s necessary. Don’t stress if you have a lot on your plate. Let guest bloggers write posts if you have a busy week. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you credit the author. And, if you can’t get the perfect image, take a look at stock photos and see if you can find one which works better. Again, there’s nothing wrong with it if you credit the source!


Keep some things private

When you start blogging you may do so with the desire to share everything. But most of us soon realise that it’s best to keep some things to ourselves. Allow yourself that. It’s good to be open and honest with your audience. But, you need to keep some things for you, too. Plus, if you’re talking about your partner or family, they may not be comfortable with you using names. Hold some things back. Your audience will understand.



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