Race For Life For Mum: The Time Is Nigh…


Can you believe it’s been over THREE months since we decided to take part in this years Race For Life for Cancer Research?! Three months ago I couldn’t run to the shop without breaking out into a sweat. I’ve just never been a ‘runner’. I had no clue how I was ever going to be physically ready to do the run itself. But with grit and determination, I’ve managed to complete an eight week programme that has got me from sitting on my sofa watching the London Marathon to running up to 12+ kilometres A WEEK.


Actually. That’s not true. I’ve worked hard. I’ve got out there and ran even when I couldn’t be bothered. When I felt a bit low. When it was raining. When it was too hot to even sit in the sun. All types of circumstances, I’ve carried on going. And I’ve done it. I can now run 5km and I’m not one to be big headed but I’m extremely proud of myself.

Of course my motivation was the most special lady in my life. My wonderful brave Mum. Who through all of my training has been facing her own challenge everyday. Going through chemo and fighting the vile disease that we’re raising money to get rid of. She’s been my inspiration throughout. When I’ve been out there feeling like I could keel over, I’ve thought of her and told myself however bad I feel at that moment in time? It’s NOTHING compared to how she’s been feeling. So I have her to thank for being my motivation and inspiration.

So we’re one week shy of the big race day and I’m so excited. We’ve raised so much money and I keep saying thank you because I’m so unbelievably grateful to every single person who has sponsored us. You are all wonderful.

A big shout out to my awesome Big Sister, Donna too. She’s been incredible and has also completed the training plan and was ready for this even before I was. In fact she’s that committed, she’s even taking her trainers to Greece with her on holiday at the weekend! Go girl! X

So. Until next time, when I’ll be showing off my badge with pride. Wish us luck.

Much love




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