Top Seven Fun Summer Games for All the Family

Top Seven Fun Summer Games for All the Family

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Our cherubs are on their school holidays and they have one thing on their minds – fun. But that can be a challenge in itself because many children have an exuberant amount of energy that renders us parents breathless just from watching them. However, bonding as a family is an important part of ensuring children develop good relationships. We have compiled a list of some great games to play outside that the whole family can enjoy and are guaranteed to help the kids burn off some energy and make them laugh – at Mum and Dad’s expense, of course.

The Dizzy Mummy

This is guaranteed to make you all smile and it’s harder than it looks. The aim of the game is to create a mummy with the toilet roll, but the toilet roll mustn’t break and you must ‘spin’ the person that is the mummy as you wrap them up.

How to play – split into teams with two people in a team. One person is the mummy wrapper and the other person is the mummy. It’s probably best to let the kids be the mummy unless you don’t mind getting spun around and feeling dizzy. If the toilet roll breaks, that team is out. The winner is the first one to create a mummy using all the toilet roll without it breaking, or to be the last team standing of course.

What you will need – toilet rolls of equal length.

Silly Street

Silly street is one of this year’s top-rated game for the family and is guaranteed to get tears of laughter streaming down all your faces.

How to play – The rules are really simple. Every player has a counter and moves along a board. A player picks a card from the pack on their turn and then they must follow the instructions on the card. But, the instructions are not straightforward and can involve all kinds of prompts that require lots of energy and imagination, sometimes from the other players too. Silly Street encourages creativity, lots of movement and lots of silliness. The winner is the first person to reach the end of the board.

What you need – The Silly Street Game which is available online and at most major toy retailers.

Flipper Relay Race

Prepare to tumble, stumble and face humiliation while playing this game as you need to move as fast as possible wearing a pair of flippers and balancing a bucket of water on your head.

How to play – Firstly split into teams. It doesn’t matter how many are in the teams as long as team numbers are equal. Each team will have a pair of flippers, a small bucket, a large empty bucket and a large bucket full of cold water. Place the bucket with the water at the starting point. The empty bucket goes at the other side of the garden (or a short distance away) to start the race the first runner fills a small bucket of water from the large bucket and puts the flippers on. Then he must run to the other empty bucket, with the small bucket of water on his head, taking as much care as possible not to spill the water. When he reaches the other side, he pours his water into the empty bucket, runs back to his team, tags the next runner who then puts the flippers on and does the same process. The winner is the team with the most water in the bucket that started as empty.

What you will need – a pair of flippers, a small bucket and two large buckets for each team.

Spaghetti Scavenging

This game is quite messy, so be warned and wear old clothes. Contestants scavenge for small sweets hidden in bowls of spaghetti using only their mouths.

How to play – Simply cook up some spaghetti and divide into large bowls. Each player needs a bowl. Then, add an identical packet of small sweets to each bowl and mix up well. Set a timer for five minutes and each player must try to retrieve the sweets using only their mouths. After the time runs out, the winner is the person with the most sweets.

What you will need – Some spaghetti (or tins of spaghetti), a packet of sweets for each player and an egg timer.

Face Biscuit

Balancing and strategy are needed for this simple, but fun game.

How to play – players put a biscuit on their foreheads and they must manoeuvre the biscuit into their mouths by moving only. No touching the biscuit is permitted. If the biscuit falls off the player must put the biscuit back on their foreheads (use another biscuit if it falls to the floor) The winner is the first person to eat their biscuit.

What you need – a few packets of biscuits.

Toe Fishing

We hope you don’t mind getting cold feet because this gem of a game involves freezing cold water and using your toes as a fishing rod.

How to play – Fill up a paddling pool of freezing cold water. Using ice as well makes it more fun because the colder your feet get the less mobile they become. Place around 65 marbles into the paddling pool. Then, everyone stands in the pool and collects as many marbles using only their toes. When all the marbles have been collected, count them and the winner is the one with the most marbles.
What you will need – a paddling pool and a few packs of marbles.

Dinkee Linkee

DinkeeLinkee is a quiz game specifically formulated so that children can take part. Will your kids know more than you do?

How to play – The game is played over thirty minutes and involves players answering four questions on their turn. But, you don’t win by answering the questions; you have to work out the connection between the answers. But don’t be fooled, the questions are written by children and are aimed at children so they will have more of an advantage than you do.

What you need – The DinkeeLinkee game which is available online and at most major toy retailers.


Now you have some ideas for the best games around that all the family can enjoy, whatever the weather, plus you all get to spend some quality time together having fun without spending a fortune. It might also be worth checking out HotUKSavings as they often have vouchers available offering good discounts on products, which might help you save some money when you are shopping for indoor or outdoor games this summer.

So, the next time you and your family get together at home or anywhere out for a holiday, pull out one of these games, and let the fun times roll!




  1. 26th July 2017 / 8:43 pm

    Some great games! I can see the biscuit one going down well in our house! X #bestandworst

    • Jaki
      27th July 2017 / 11:38 am

      Oh yes! 🙂

  2. 27th July 2017 / 8:03 pm

    I haven’t heard of any of these!! My gremlin will love the biscuit one…anything biscuit related!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

    • Jaki
      28th July 2017 / 12:28 pm

      Much fun!!

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