How Smartwatches are Evolving

How Smartwatches are Evolving

Not too long ago, we were communicating via wired phone lines. It’s safe to say that a huge chunk of the population was in shock when the major wireless communication companies released their first wave of smartphones. Compared to the current smartphones on the market now, the first generation of smartphones are archaic fossils.


Not only have smartphones evolved, but new products are also continuously introduced as technology advances. After smartphones came tablets, a convenient mix of a smartphone with the functionality of a laptop. Tablets have been revolutionary in the terms of how education is taught and studied plus how business people can travel while staying connected and working.


We see that the smartphone and tablets have taken over our lives; however, there is another piece of technology that has been decades in the making and is now finally catching on and gaining momentum, that product, is the smartwatch.


By all means, smartwatches are not a new concept.

The first smartwatch was the Seiko TV Watch. The Seiko TV Watch was first released in Japan (who tend to be the leaders in releasing electronics) with the following year in 1983 it released in the United States. The watch was able to receive a whopping 82 VHF and UHF channels, an FM radio, and it was a quartz chronograph watch. However, the functionality of it was nonexistent making it totally not user-friendly for the average consumer. Plus it was incredibly expensive for that time at $495 dollars which is the equivalent to $1,250 today.


Then came Bill Gates and Microsoft in the early 2000’s. Microsoft dumped billions of dollars trying to develop watch technology that mirrored the functions of a computer. It tanked. Then came a few companies in the early 2010’s that began seeing traction in the make of smartwatches but then came Apple.


With the release of the Apple Watch, there has been an overall double-digit increase in the sale of smartwatches and the Apple Watch accounts for approximately 61% of smartwatch sales. What is one of the major draws to the Apple smartwatch? Simply stating, Apple offers the consumer the ability to have a unilateral platform with the ability to sync your Apple Watch to your iPhone, iPad and/or Mac Pro.


The Apple watch reigns supreme in the smartwatch category due to all of the features it currently offers

Fashion-wise, the Apple Watch offers more styles, finishes, and bands than their competitors plus it comes in two different screen sizes. The Apple Watch offers a bigger screen with an almost edge-to-edge appearance.


With the watch’s built-in microphone, you are able to utilize Siri just as would with your iPhone. Most importantly, the Apple Watch has cellular connectivity so you can use it as a substitute to your phone while doing errands or during a workout.


Speaking of workout, the newest Apple Watch release will offer an EKG sensor. Now that is taking the phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” to a whole new level.


Yes, this does sound like a push towards an Apple Watch but just as you would do before any major purchase, shop around. Base your choice of smartwatch on what benefits you, the consumer.


The Hereon will keep you up-to-date on all the latest offerings on Smartwatches. With the advancement of technology, smartwatches will continue to introduce new and exciting features that will help them garner major fanfare amongst tech junkies. Remember, that the goal of technology is to make things more convenient and efficient for consumers and that is just what smartwatches will do.




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