Working on Contingency: Read These 3 Tips Before You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Working on Contingency: Read These 3 Tips Before You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, it is not a decision that should be made lightly. By doing so, even if you agreed not to pay anything until you won the case, you’re going to be subjected to scrutiny and give up a lot of your time and energy as you try to do everything you can to reach a positive outcome. With that being said, if wrong was done to you and someone can be held legally responsible for it, you ought to be able to demand satisfaction, particularly if the other party was negligent. Before you hire an injury lawyer, here are three factors to keep in mind.


You Need to Tell the Truth

When you hire a lawyer for a personal injury case, they are going to ask you for all sorts of information regarding the incident that resulted in your being hurt. You need to understand that if you hold anything back or you change any of the critical details, then you run the risk of perjuring yourself if you are called upon to testify under oath. You need to be completely honest about what happened to know if you have a viable case because you never know if any evidence might turn up which contradicts what you had been saying.


Do Your Research

You need to hire the right lawyer. Luckily, this is the information age, and there is more to find out about anyone than ever before. Go online and see what previous clients have to say about this lawyer and their credentials. If they seem to have lots of experience in cases that are similar to yours, they should be a solid pick. If they seem inexperienced in cases resembling yours, or if they don’t feel trustworthy when you meet them, then move on. Don’t feel obligated to hire anyone who you don’t completely trust to do the job right.


Look for A Lawyer with Both Settlement and Trial Experience

Let’s face it: you don’t know if the claim that you’re bringing is going to go to trial or not. It’s possible that it might, or the individual or entity might want to settle out of court at some juncture. Have a conversation with the lawyer you are thinking about hiring. Ask them how many trials they have taken part in, and how many settlements they have reached. A settlement might be more to your benefit, or you might think to go to trial is more likely to bring you justice. You’re going to want a lawyer who can handle your case adroitly in either eventuality.


You Want A Combination of Experience and Reputation

You should choose a lawyer and law firm with whom you feel comfortable personally, who has at least a fair amount of experience with cases like yours, and who has a proven record of success. Even if you have a case, it would be easy enough to ruin it with a neophyte lawyer in over their heads. You want a litigator on your side who is committed to excellence, and who is not going to be overcome by any aspect of your case.



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