What Can You Do with a Criminal Justice Degree?

What Can You Do with a Criminal Justice Degree?

A masters in criminal justice is basically a key that opens up your career to a whole bunch of opportunities in law enforcement, which includes more than just a job at the police department. The job opportunities are varied, making them perfect for almost all kind of students with different types of skills and areas of expertise. If you are considering the option of completing an online MSCJ to strengthen your resume, it only makes sense that you are aware of what you can do with it in the future to build a career.

Probation Officer (Median Annual Salary – $47,200 as of May 2010)

The work of the probation officer is a tough one, but it’s noble as well. Your job would be to help parolees adjust to the outside world after being released from jail on probation. You will also need to make sure that they stay true to the terms and conditions of their parole and you will need to report them for parole violation if they fail to do that.

Correctional Officer (Median Annual Salary – $43,550 as of 2011)

These are the officers that guard and take care of prisoners in an incarceration facility. Correctional officers receive most of their training after joining the job, unlike in most other wings of the US justice system.

Police Officer (Median Annual Salary – $53,395, as of September 2017)

This is, of course, the most common course to take after studying criminal justice and the country needs more officers than ever right now. However, you should remember that this is not a safe job by any means and your life will be on the line at times. As an officer of the law, you will be responsible for saving lives, protecting the law, preventing crimes, arresting criminals and maintaining overall law and order in the region.

Forensic Science Technician (Median Annual Salary – $56,320)

In case you have always had an interest in science and you also have an academic background in math, physics, chemistry or biology, working as a forensic science technician could be the perfect job for you. While you won’t have to face the actual violence out on the streets, you will play a pivotal role in catching criminals from initially illegible clues as hair samples, fingerprints, blood, DNA, etc. It’s the perfect job for the analytical mind with a sense of adventure.

Private Detective (Median Annual Salary – $45,610 per year as of 2015)

Unlike the other jobs on this list, being a private detective means that you are a freelancer. Your income will greatly vary depending on your skills, connections, reputation, experience, etc. Nevertheless, it’s a job for those that hate being tied down by strict regulations all the time. A lot of private detectives are ex-police detectives or ex-FBI officers who have the knowledge that is necessary to pursue an investigation on his/her own.

If any of the five above job opportunities have got you excited then know that there are many more like them waiting for you just as soon as you complete an online masters in criminal justice degree. Some of the jobs will of course require you to complete a few other courses or have prior experience in relevant fields, but the justice degree is a must in almost all cases.




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