There’s No Place Like A Safe Home

There’s No Place Like A Safe Home

Everybody deserves a safe place to call home. Every child deserves one even more so. Your child can’t make their own choices about where they live. As with so much else in those early years, they rely on you. The world can seem daunting when you’re young. It may be scary for us mothers when children venture into the world, but it’s often more petrifying for them. Childhood consists of many firsts, and they aren’t all happy. The first time someone’s horrible at school, the first time they fall over and hurt themselves. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, with all this stuff going on outside of the house, they need to know that they have a safe space they can return to. Your family home will become their beacon on an otherwise choppy sea. So, how can you make sure they feel safe there?

Literal Safety

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Ensuring your home is, quite literally, as safe as possible is the first step. Let’s go ahead and assume you’ve chosen a safe area. That’s half the battle. But, home safety is still important. Don’t grow complacent because you ‘live in a nice area.’ A lot of places are nice until they’re not. Make sure to install reliable security systems, and keep on top of maintenance. For a home to feel safe, you need to ensure nothing bad happens there. One bad home experience could ruin the tranquility your child feels. Many of us struggle to feel safe at home after a break-in or other traumatic event. Your child is no different. Worse, they may carry that fear into future homes too.

Smells like home

Smell is one sense that’s closely linked to emotion. A scent can alert us to danger, or tell us that we’re safe. Creating a sense of security for your little one could be as simple as filling your home with the right smells. Those scents will send a message to their brain that they’re in safe territory. Experiment with scented candles or reed diffusers. Hit the kitchen and fill the place with the smell of baking. The moment your child smells these, they’ll know that they’re home and they’re safe. Even if they don’t consciously realise it, the smells will help calm any worries they have.

There's No Place Like A Safe Home


None of us want our children shoved from pillar to post. Sometimes, there’s no avoiding it. For the most part, though, continuity at home is important. Try to avoid moving house whenever possible. Things change fast for kids, so they need a home that’s stable. They’ll find it much harder to feel safe if you move house every few years. If you move around often because of work, it might be worth reconsidering whether that’s what’s best. If it’s simply a case of wanting a change of scenery, wait until your child is older and in a better position to adjust. In the early years, a steady home is everything.



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