Engagement Ring Costs – How Much Should I Pay?

Engagement Ring Costs – How Much Should I Pay?

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As if it isn’t hard enough to select an engagement ring for that special person in your life, there is also the question of cost. While you certainly don’t want to skimp with the ring acquisition, it isn’t a good idea to stretch yourself too much – your fiancée would likely have something to say – therefore, the question on every groom-to-be’s mind is, “How much should I spend?”


Be Realistic

While it might seem very romantic to slip a 5-carat diamond ring on her finger, one should ensure that the head rules the heart with this decision. Take an honest look at your finances and calculate what you can afford – without putting a strain on your finances – which will give you a budget to work with when sourcing the ring. You will want to look into an extensive catalogue of vintage and antique diamond engagement rings and you can consider the diamond engagement rings Brisbane gentlemen purchase from Diamond Brokers Queensland. With some browsing, you are likely to find something that ticks all the boxes.


Your Fiancée’s Expectations

This must also be taken into account and for many couples, the cost of the engagement ring would be agreed upon jointly. If, however, you are planning a romantic surprise, then consider how she would feel if she knew the cost of the ring. Resist the temptation to buy above your means and remember how your partner would feel if she knew you had to make sacrifices in order to buy the ring. If she is the practical sort, she will not want you to spend any more than you can comfortably afford and should you both be looking at pooling your resources to buy a home, all the more reason to limit your engagement ring budget.


The Price Hype

Clever marketing by diamond distributors has led people to believe they should spend 3 times their monthly salary on a diamond engagement ring, and particularly in today’s economic climate, spending that tens of thousands of dollars on the ring really isn’t necessary. The engagement ring is a symbol of your undying love for each other, and the price should not be a major factor. Paying more for a ring does not increase the love you have for your fiancée, so make sure you don’t overstretch yourself with the ring purchase. Here is some further reading on suitable price tags for an engagement ring, which might help you to calculate the ideal budget.


Reputable Online Jewellers

 If you use the Internet to browse a range of local online jewellers, you will be able to view many fine examples, and the online jeweller can usually offer lower than retail prices, as they do not have the huge overheads that come with a retail outlet in the trendy part of the city. If you want to be really unique, why not have the ring custom made by a skilled craftsman? Customised rings do not have to have a huge price tag, and if you can have the ring made to your specifications for around the same price, why not?


One must always remember the future, and if you are both planning to buy a home together, then finances are important and going into debt for the engagement ring might not be the wisest of choices.




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