4 Ways To Update Your Kitchen On A Budget

4 Ways To Update Your Kitchen On A Budget

We all love giving our homes a makeover once in a while. Just like we like getting a new piece of furniture, it helps freshen the house up. Kitchen’s, however, aren’t the cheapest of rooms to upgrade if you are going to go the whole hog and rip out your kitchen and replace it with a new one. But you don’t have to do that to give your kitchen a new lease of life. Here are some ideas to update your kitchen on a budget.


Add a lick of paint & new accessories

Sometimes, something as simple as a lick of paint is all a room needs to have a new lease of life injected into it. Pick a colour that is different from what you are used to and sometimes that is all that’s needed. Add new appliances such as a kettle and toaster in a complementary colour, and even perhaps add a new kitchen blind and instantly it will feel like you have a brand new kitchen.


Change the cupboard doors

If your cupboard doors are looking tired but you can’t afford to rip out the cupboards, why not replace just the doors? Kitchen Warehouse sells various replacement kitchen cupboard doors in different styles, to suit every taste. From gloss or matte acrylic to solid oak, there is something for everyone. You’ll have a new look kitchen for a fraction of the price.


update your kitchen on a budget


Add new door handles

If replacement kitchen units aren’t what you’re after, then you could just replace the handles. Simply replacing worn out or dated handles can inject new life into a tired kitchen. There is a range of different styles available these days from modern to classic, and for a range of budgets too. So it doesn’t have to cost the earth to reinvent your kitchen and it doesn’t have to take long either.


Add some artwork

A kitchen wall isn’t always the first place you might think about adding artwork to the walls, but why not? There are lots of kitchen orientated pieces these days, from classic American diner signs to traditional style wall decals that will give your walls a boost and your kitchen a fresh new look. This is one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen on a budget.



So you see, you don’t have to part with a wad of cash to makeover your kitchen. A little bit of imagination and you can have a new room in a matter of hours and all without too much mess.



Have you made any changes to your kitchen recently? Perhaps you have some more ways to update your kitchen on a budget. Let me know in the comments.



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