Tidy Homes: Even With A Toddler!

Tidy Homes: Even With A Toddler!

I don’t know about you, but I can always tell when someone has a young baby or a toddler as soon as I step in their front door. It’s the waves of baby products, toys, accessories, and clothes that are strewn everywhere that give it away! It not so much mess, it just more the sheer volume of stuff that you need to be a successful parent. Plus all that junk you spent loads of money on and refuse to get rid of, even though you’ve only ever used it once! But what if you have a baby but don’t actually want your house to look like this? Is there anything you can do? There is, read on to find out.


Tidy Homes Even With A Toddler (3)

So, the number one thing you can do if you have a young baby but still want you home to look as nice as it did pre-birth is to look at your hall space. The hall can be a strange section of the house as it bridges the inside and outside. But it can also be a super useful part too with a little organisation.

Most mums know that getting ready to get out of the door when you have a little one is a mammoth task. But by having a ready packed bag always waiting with toys, wipes, nappies, and blankets, you can make the whole process alot easier. Doing this will also ensure you hall remains tidy as well as will always have somewhere to store these items.


Something else that vital if you are trying to keep your home looking half decent when you have a little on is having enough storage. When you have a baby or a toddler, you are the centre of their world, and you are going to be ‘hella’ busy! You might have had time to clear up every day, but you may find this evaporating as tasks such as nappy changing and the like take over.

But this is where storage can help. If you have enough draws and cupboards for the items, you have at least they can go back when you are finished using them. This will keep your actually living space relatively clear and tidy. In fact, it’s a good idea to think about where you will store each and every item before you actually commit to buying it.

Tidy Homes Even With A Toddler

If you are overrun with stuff that you are not using it’s a good idea to pop it up in the loft, out of the way. Or even to use a storage facility like the one run by Herts & Essex Removals to keep it in. This can work especially well if you plan on having more children in the future. As you won’t have to buy all the same expensive items again because you had to get rid of them due to lack of room.

Play Room

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Lastly, another way of minimising the effect of having kids of the look if you house it to make sure that they have their own space in which to do things. This can be anything from changing and bathing them when they are little, to playing and painting when they are older.

By keeping the mess contained in these areas, it allows you to ensure the main living spaces are kept as tidy as possible.


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