Setting Up a Garden Pond within a Small Budget

Setting Up a Garden Pond within a Small Budget

Thinking about setting up a pond can feel like an impossibly large and expensive task to tackle for your garden, however, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many options for setting up your garden pond on a small budget so we have selected a few of the easiest for you.


Whether you dig the pond yourself, use a ready-made mould, or look to recycle existing materials from your own garden like rocks and paving slabs, there are many easy ways to create your own amazing water feature at a fraction of the cost you might expect.


Dig your own pond

You don’t have to pay professionals to create a pond in your back garden. If you have the strength and the right materials, it is entirely feasible to dig your own pond and create it properly within a couple of days.

All you need is a pond liner and some rocks or paving stones – all of which you can buy at a relatively low cost. As long as you have the strength to dig the pond yourself, there is nothing to stop you creating it at the fraction of the cost of a professional.


Reuse existing materials

If buying a bespoke pond liner from a DIY store is still out of your budget then try recycling to create your own pond – all you need to create a pond liner is some kind of large plastic container or sheeting which you can then use.

Once you have the pond in place, it’s a case of styling it up yourself with plants, rocks, edging and water features – the design is all completely in your own hands this way.


Reuse old paving slabs

If you have old paving slabs lying around these are perfect to use to build a pond on a budget – use them to hold your liner in place and if you have old rocks or bricks, use them to create nice water fountain at the top of the pond for added relaxation.


Make your own waterfall

If you have rocks lying around in the garden then use these to create your own pond with a budget pond liner. Then build them up to create your own waterfall – all you need to buy for this is the water pump so you can create a beautiful flowing water feature for very little money.


Recycled Large Tyre

If you can get your hands on a large recycled tyre, like a tractor tyre, it makes the perfect base for a pond with a difference – you will be helping the environment twice, by creating the pond and by recycling the tyre as well!


Wooden Pallet Rectangular Pond

For a modern pond design with a difference try creating a rectangular pond and using old wooden pallets to make a surround with a unique twist. This creates a unique and modern-style pond – perfect for a garden with decking – just add fish.


Rock garden pond

If you have a small budget why not dig yourself a small pond but then turn it into a bigger feature by building a rock garden around it and filling it with stunning rock plants and flowers. This will help even the smallest of ponds become an outstanding natural garden feature.


Make your own stream

If you want to create a water feature with a difference, why not make your own amazing stream in the garden that heads straight down into a small pool at the end. If you don’t have space for a large pond this would work well and again, can be done on a budget if you dig it yourself and buy a liner.


Use a ready-made pond

If you don’t fancy digging out a pond, but still want to make it yourself, then you can buy a ready-made pond which comes in a variety of shapes. Just lay it on the ground where you want it to go and build the rocks and paving stones around it for a perfect end result – it’s also much quicker than digging it from scratch.


Water features add a really nice touch to a garden and can completely change the atmosphere, creating a calming and peaceful space to enjoy. So if you are worried that cost will prevent you from enjoying your own oasis think again.


With pond liners, pond moulds and the option to make your own pond out of just about any plastic container or other waterproof material, there is no reason you can’t create your own pond on a budget.  If you have rocks and paving slabs around the garden these will make your budget stretch even further – the only limit to what you create will be your imagination, not your purse strings.



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