Tweenager Time: Family Activities That You Can Do Together

Tweenager Time: Family Activities That You Can Do Together

When your children are young, you spend your time navigating between play groups and play dates, but as they get older keeping them entertained becomes harder. Young teenagers (tweens) are a tricky age to cater for because they are not young children but nor are they responsible or old enough to be left to get on with things by themselves.


You also have the quandary of finding activities that appeal but don’t involve a screen. You do not want your child’s entertainment limited.


Smartphones and Xboxes are now standard accessories in homes across the land, but family time is still important for teens’ development and growth. Here are 3 family activities that you can do together and that you will all enjoy.



  1. Go to a Festival

Although your teen may initially baulk at the idea of going to a festival with their parents, taking your young teen to a festival is a great way to spend time together in a space that is out of the home environment and away from the constraints of the everyday. There are plenty of family-friendly festivals which take place all over the country, so whether you want a full-on experience of Bestival or a more genteel experience at Latitude, you will be able to find a festival that suits. Besides, just because you have children, does not mean that you can’t let your hair down and enjoy yourself too!


  1. Impromptu Day Trips

Now that the zoo is no longer deemed a cool day out, you may be scratching your head where to go for a day out. If your teen is a keen shopper, a trip to a famed shopping mall will delight them and earn you kudos points but cost you serious money. Activities such as an Escape Room Cincinnati, or a hack in the countryside are alternatives and likely to raise a smile in the surliest of teens.


  1. Get Active

Starting a new sport or activity can be a daunting experience, but if you start one with your teen, you will both remain motivated and excited by your new activity. A natural rivalry will develop, but this is both healthy and expected. It may be the first time that your teen has an opportunity to excel and be better than you at something! Getting active together is a great way of spending time together and boosting their undulating confidence.


Your developing young teenager may be telling you that they don’t want to spend time with you and that the options that you suggest don’t cut the mark but it’s important that you persevere and continue to spend quality time with them. It is easy to focus on their younger years as the time when making family memories are important, but this stage of their lives is vitally important too.


By investing time in your teen, you can build on the foundations that they already have, and help guide them through this rocky, hormonal and often challenging time.





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